Access Ramps

DDA Guidelines for Access Ramps

The DDA guidelines for access ramps are there to ensure that everyone can get around with unfair obstacles blocking their path. These regulations are taken very seriously in the UK and there could be severe financial consequences of not following the regulations.


The good news is that following the DDA guidelines for access ramps should not involve too much hardship. There are now many firms and services that specialise in this type of provision and the technology available have greatly improved over recent years. This means that you should be able to find a suitable option easily and at a price that is affordable.

Some Things to Consider With DDA Guidelines for Access Ramps

Here are just some of the things you will need to consider when it comes to DDA guidelines for access ramps.

  • One of the main stipulations of these guidelines is that where there an unreasonable obstacle that could stop people from moving around there needs to be provisions made to counter this. So this means that if you have something like a flight of steps into your shop you will need to provide a means for customers in wheelchairs or who have disabilities to be able to negotiate these steps. The usual way to do this is by providing ramps. In most instances following the guidelines will not only mean complying with the law but will also improve things for the individual who is responsible for the access. For instance, if you have a shop it will mean that more customers will now be able to gain access.
  • There are exact requirements for ramps including stipulations on gradients, number of landings for needed for specific heights, the width of the ramp, and other requirements. Make sure you fully understand what these requirements are before you set about searching for ramps; that way you will avoid purchasing something that is inappropriate or that doesn’t meet the requirements.
  • There are a lot of options these days available online and you will certainly want to check these out. Providers of ramps online will have fewer costs of doing business and so they will be able to provide these products at reduced rates. The web sellers also have a lot more competition so they are forced to keep costs low. It is also worth searching the web for more information about DDA guidelines for access ramps if you are still unsure because all the information you need is there.
  • Make sure that any ramp you are considering purchasing is DDA approved. This is one of the first questions you should be asking when you assess any product. If you buy something that doesn’t meet the DDA guidelines for access ramps you will be just wasting your money because you still haven’t met the regulations.
  • If you are looking for access ramps for transportation then you may find that portable ramps are your best option. This avoids the need to have ramps in different locations.
DDA Guidelines for Access Ramps