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Disability Access Ramps

Disability access ramps are needed for a variety of reasons and situations. This type of product covers a wide range of possibilities including: permanent ramps, semi-permanent ramps, and portable ramps.


Disability access ramps can be used in outdoor or indoor locations for access to locations, buildings, and forms of transport. There are new disability access ramps being developed each year, and no matter what the need there is likely to be a ramp that will be suited for this.

The Difference that Disability Access Ramps Can Make

There is little doubt that disability access ramps can make a huge difference to people’s lives. It is also now a legal requirement for this type of access to be supplied in many locations. Since these ramps have become more common it has meant that those who have certain physical limitations are able to lead independent lives. It has allowed them to freely travel to all those places they wish to visit, and go to work with the minimum inconvenience. It is hard to imagine how we once coped with such provisions as disability access ramps.

The Different Types of Disability Access Ramps

There are many different types of disability access ramps, and those wishing to purchase or rent such a product will need to think about their needs carefully before they buy. Here are just some of the different disability access ramps you will find available –

  • Roll up wheel chair ramps are usually made from aluminium; they are very convenient and portable. When it is needed it can be unfolded on its hinges to produce a ramp. When it isn’t required the ramp can be folded back up and stored in a small space.
  • Track wheelchair ramps are generally used for minibuses and vans. When they are needed you just pull out a set of tracks; these tracks can work with almost any surface and used by all types of wheelchair.
  • Single fold and multi-fold ramps are similar to the roll up wheel chair ramps. They can extend out to form a ramp when required, but the rest of the time they can be stored neatly away.
  • Permanent disability access ramps are made to remain in place and are not portable. This type of permanent ramp isn’t usually suitable with transport because it would involve having a ramp at every destination. It can be good for buildings and locations though. It will be possible to find permanent disability access ramps for both outdoor and indoor locations.
  • Semi-permanent disability access ramps will tend to just stay in the same location, but they can be moved if it is required. It is not as easy to move these ramps as it would be to move a portable ramp from place to place.

Some Final Thoughts on Disability Access Ramps

Disability access ramps can really make a huge difference to people’s lives. There are many to choose from though, so make sure that you get the one that is most suited to your needs.

Disability Access Ramps